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Server Changes

Posted by eodweb on Jul 25, 2018 @ 11:55 am

Dear EOD-Community,

we have to inform you that our service undergoes some changes.

Domain Changes

Our Domain for all our services will change to eod-gaming.net.
This apply s to the homepage as well as all our gaming servers.

Minecraft Server

Version 1.13 is released, so we prepare to get the server updated.
As a matter we will reset all worlds, but don’t worry if you want
your Buildings saved you can leave a note at our Forum.

The world Skypia will be renamed to Stratos and Primus will be
renamed to Skypia.

New players will spawn at Skypia pve instead of the player hub.

The player hub at SkyARK will be renewed and more compact to make
it easier for new players to get into it.

There will be a new transportation system between the worlds,
just wait and see. 🙂

Players who break the server rules will get inprisoned instead of kicked or banned, they also will get an temporary rank „Prisoner“.

Revival of the „Defeat the Boss“ arena mode (at a later date)

More changes to come …

Bug fixes:

– Counting messages in chat fixed

Your EOD-Team

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