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Minecraft FDB Revelation

Our EOD mod server uses a large mod pack called FDB Revelation. While its absolutly massiv it also delivers high server performance and stability. The wide spectrum of over 220 mods provides tech, magic, exploration and much more. There’s simply something for everyone.

Some well known mods that are included:

–    Applied Energistics
–    Botania
–    EnderIO
–    Immersive Engineering
–    Project Red
–    Thaumcraft
–    Thermal Expansion
–    many more …

There is also a variety of lesser known mods like:

–    Gadgetry
–    Rustic
–    Elevators
–    xnet

To connect to our server download FDB Revelation 3.1.0 from sources like Twitch or the FDB homepage.

Server IP: eod-gaming.net:25566

Have Fun

Your EoD-Team